Ramadan 2021

08 Apr
Assalamu Alaikum
                       Alhamdulillah, we are blessed with the the arrival of Ramadhan next week. Please find attached the Ramadan timetable. Printed copies will be available from this friday in the Masjid In’sha Allah.
Sutton Coldfield Masjid, insha’Allah, will be holding Taraweeh salah albeit with changes this year to maintain COVID-19 safety. Please familiarise yourselves with the following details:

Masjid capacity and COVID-19 safety

–         Due to social distancing, masjid capacity for prayer and Taraweeh will be significantly reduced this year. Admission into masjid for prayer will be on first come first served basis. Once capacity has been reached, doors will be closed and admission will not be allowed. The ladies section will be open for sisters to attend.
–         Please complete the track and trace system, use the hand sanitiser, maintain social distancing and wear a face mask at all times on masjid premises.
–         Please bring your face mask, Musallah (prayer mat), Qur’an/tasbeeh and shoe bag to keep shoes with you due to the one-way system.
–         Washrooms will be closed; please ensure you attend masjid in state of Wudhu.
–         Volunteers will be stewarding the Taraweeh prayer – please follow their instructions to keep the prayer organised and safe.

Car parking

–         The car park can only be used for people attending Isha salah AND Taraweeh.  When the car park is full, the barrier will be put down and not lifted until the 8th rakat of Taraweeh, as in previous years- so if you need to leave early do not park in masjid carpark.
–         Children under the age of 12 should not attend the masjid.


–         The Masjid will provide dates and water to open fast in a COVID-safe manner. No external food is to be consumed, or distributed, on masjid premises.
–         Please bring your own Qur’an and/or Tasbeeh for recitation or dhikr. Please remember to bring your face mask, prayer mat, and bag to keep shoes with you at all times.
–         If you wish to make a financial contribution to the provision of water and dates for masjid attendees to open fast, please contact the SCMA committee.


–         20 short rakats of Taraweeh will be completed by the Masjid’s two existing imams.
–         Whole Qur’an khatam during Taraweeh will not happen this year.
–         Please remember to bring your own water bottle for Taraweeh, as water will not be distributed.
–         When Taraweeh finishes, please stay in place and wait for volunteers to guide you out. Once out, please leave masjid quietly and do not gather in car park.
Jazakallah Khair,

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