Ramadan Kareem

05 May

Assalaamulaikum and Ramadhan Kareem

Alhumdulillah the moon has been sighted and Ramadan will start tomorrow with the first Taraweeh tonight at 10:00PM In’Sha’Allah.

Can we take this opportunity to make a few announcements?

Parking – Kindly consider car sharing during this holy month of Ramadan as Masjid car parking will be limited to those less abled, elderly and sisters travelling alone.

Security – in light of the tragic event in New Zealand the Masjid has hired a security guard from Maghrib until the end of Taraweeh.

The guard will chaperone any sisters who have parked off site – please request this upon leaving.

Zakaat & Sadaqah – In’Sha’Allah later we will have representatives from Islamic Relief and Ummah Welfare Trust collecting Zakat and Sadaqah donations. The entrance of the masjid also has donation boxes.

Daily Community Iftar – Following the success of the communal Iftar last year, our volunteers will be providing Iftar throughout the month of Ramadan. This initiative is funded by generous donors, if you wish to contribute towards the Community Iftar, please contact the Iftar committee members below:

  • Sister Nafeesa Moolla – 07908734133
  • Br Suleiman Simjee – 07883004278
  • Br Rana Hasan Afzal – 07413022250
  • Br Suhail Muzaffar – 07767030425

If you wish to attend the daily Iftar please RSVP advising the number of adults and children attending.

Ibaadah – In addition to the 5 daily prayers and religious activities please find below a summary of further religious activities taking place this holy month:

  • Dars e Quran (In English) every day after Asr
  • Qur’an Tafseer by Mrs Syeda Hashmi (for ladies in Urdu) every day from 12:00-2:00PM

May we take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness for any shortcomings over the last year and pray that Allah swt grants us the wisdom to come together during this blessed month and engage in activities that please Allah swt.

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