26 May

Insha’Allah the first of Ramadan will be on Saturday 27th May.

The first Taraweeh will take place tonight after Esha (10.45 pm)

There will be arrangement for sisters as well. There will also be arrangements for Qiyam ul Lyal and Aitekaaf in the last ten days of Ramadan.

The following Imams will be leading the Taraweeh prayers

Mufti Abdullah Choudhury
Hafiz Asad Nana
Hafiz Thameed Al
Maulana Kauser bin Qasim

Also in attendance would be;
Maulana Adam Saheb
Maulana Abdul Rahman Umar Saheb

The Salah timetable for Ramadan is available below and on the Facebook Page.

Polite Notice – Please park sensibly in the designated area. The nearby car park is also available for parking.

Masjid parking preference will be given for elderly and those with young families.

When leaving the Masjid please be considerate to our neighbors by keeping the noise to at absolute minimum.

Under no circumstances should you park or block anyone’s drive or pavement.

Donation – Please donate generously for work being undertaken for new entrance and wudu facilities. Please contact SCMA or its working committee members if you wish to know anything further.

We pray that Allah swt showers his blessings on you and your family and that your Ibadah & supplications are accepted during this holy month. Please remember us in your prayers as well.

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