Masjid is open for congregational Salah from today

04 Jul

Assalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdulillah, our Masjid is currently open for congregational Salah from today (4th July). Detailed guidance on what to expect when attending Jummah Salah (from the 10th July) is sent via email. A picture-summary of the guidance will be provided shortly.

If you would like to consider contributing through volunteering, please email us.

Governmental guidance, regulation, and the local health context is continuing to evolve, and the Masjid committee is keeping a close eye in case changes in procedure are required. Many places of worship are opening very cautiously and slowly- we will also have to learn what works, and what does not work, as we open for congregational salah.

Please remember that we remain in the middle of a viral pandemic and continue to be at high risk of another COVID outbreak which has a more significant negative impact for Black and minority ethnic communities.

If you are at high risk, or have symptoms related to COVID, please do not come to the Masjid.

Please remember the 5 key points below, in preparation for salah at the Masjid.

What to do at home before attending Salah

Make Wudhu (wudhu facilities will not be open at the Masjid)
Pray your Sunnah salah at home
Bring your own carrier bag for shoes
Bring your own Musallah(Prayer mat) for prayers
Bring your own face mask / cloth covering for face, to protect other brothers and sisters from viral transmission.

May Allah SWT make the process of opening the Masjid full of ease and allow us the barakah of congregational prayer once again. Ameen

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