24 Jun

EID MUBARAK to you all – We will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr on Sunday 25th June

We pray that Allah (swt) grants you the full benefit of this blessed month of Ramadan and we wish you and your families a wonderful Eid. At the same time our prayers are with all those who have been affected from the recent terrorist attacks and the fire. May Allah make it easy for them. Ameen

With the Grace of Allah we have had a blessed month. Jazak’Allah Khair for all of your support during this time.

  • We completed the Holy Quran during Taraweeh Salah and held Qiyam ul Lyal in the last ten days with Maulana Adam and respected community members in I’tekaaf.
  • We held a very well attended community Iftaar where we invited our Christian friends to attend as part of the national Get Together Initiative.
  • We collected food for local Muslim and non-Muslim Charities.
  • We also started the building improvement works during this blessed month with our community giving generously to fund this.

There will be two Eid Salah tomorrow Inshallah;

  • First Eid Salah – 7:45 (Led by Mufti Abdullah Choudhury Saheb). Please note: The English Bya’an will start at 7:15 with Eid Salah at 7:45 followed by the Khutba
  • Second Eid Salah – 9:15 (Led by Maulana Adam Saheb). Please note: The English Bya’an will start at 8:45 with Eid Salah at 9:15 followed by the Khutba

**These will be a busy times so please ensure that you park responsibly and respectfully. The police/wardens may be at hand to take action against any cars that are not correctly parked. Please use the pay and display car park on Anchorage Road as there will be limited car parking at the forecourt of the Masjid. Preference will be given to people with families and Elderly.

We will be holding the Eid Family Fun day on the 9th July and look forward to seeing you there. Details will be posted and please visit our Facebook page and the website.

Jazak’Allah Khair

SCMA Working Committee

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