EID AL-ADHA 31st July 2020 

26 Jul
Dear Brothers and Sisters,  Assalamu Alaikum

In sha Allah.  Eid Al-Adha Salah will take place in our Masjid on Friday the  31st July 2020 at the following Scheduled times:

First Jamat :

                   Masjid Open : 6:45am,
                   Speech in English : 7:00am
                   Eid Salah : 7:15am
                   Salah will be Led by : Moulana Adam

Second Jamat :

                   Masjid Open : 8:30am,
                   Speech in Urdu : 8:45am
                   Eid Salah : 9:00am
                   Salah will be Led by : Moulana Abdur Rahman

Third Jamat :

                   Masjid Open : 10:00am,
                   Speech in English : 10:15am
                   Eid Salah : 10:30am
                   Salah will be Led by : Moulana Siraj
As the community should now be familiar with the rules, please be aware just like our Jummah salah there will be same precautions required at Eid salah as well and you will politely be turned away if any one not come pre-pared. Please note the same precautions applies, which is:
– It is mandatory to bring your own face mask/covering, and your own prayer mat. Bag for shoes is a necessity to keep the masjid hygienic for all attendees.
– Wudhu facilities are closed, Please make wudu at home
– Ensure 1+ metre distancing at all times, and for salah using floor markers for adherence

– Adults over 70 years are recommended not to attend the Masjid

– No children under the age of 13 years are allowed
– Parking on the Masjid carpark is only for Disabled with Blue Badge holders only
Do not make social physical contact (handshakes etc) with other congregation members

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