Donate to the Food Bank

11 Apr

We are pleased to announce, for the third year running, there are Food Bank Donation boxes located within the Masjid Today and during Ramadan. The food will be donated to local communities via our inter-faith connections.

Respectful visitors are requested to place non-perishable items in the donation boxes so these can be distributed during Ramadan.

Suggested Donations
Tea Bags / Coffee / Sugar
Long Life Milk
Cereal Boxes / Breakfast Bars
Soup – tins or packets
Pasta Sauce Jars
Tinned Tomato
Tinned Fruit
Tinned Rice Pudding
Tinned Beans (e.g. baked beans, kidney beans)
Tinned Fish (e.g. Tuna / Sardines / Mackerel)
Tinned Vegetables (e.g. Potatoes, carrots, peas)
Fruit flavoured Squash (e.g. Orange / Blackcurrant)
Pasta (Max 1kg bag)
Small bags of rice (max 1kg bag)

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