Covid Guidelines Update

18 Jul
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Assalamu Alaikum
               The government is relaxing COVID19 restrictions on 19th July 2021, however COVID19 virus transmission is currently significantly increasing due to the high infectivity of the delta variant of the virus. The government has instructed public organisations, including places of worship, to review their individual policies, procedures and risk assessments to continue reducing the risk of COVID-19 virus transmission. Muslim communities in the UK have to adapt the generic government guidance, due to a higher risk from COVID-19 if infected, and lower vaccination levels.
Taking into account the specific circumstances of Sutton Coldfield Masjid and following review of national guidance, consultation with experts and other masaajid planning, the following changes will be in place from Monday 19th July:
Face masks – SCMA strongly recommends face masks are worn to reduce spreading of virus
Prayer mat / masallah – Bringing your own prayer mat is voluntary
Social distancing – the one metre social distancing rule is no longer in place. Jamaat prayers will be structured in such a way to allow attendees to either stand shoulder to shoulder, or maintain social distancing for those who wish to.
Wudhu – wudhu areas will be open for those who need to carry out wudhu – however due to limited space and cleaning capacity, it is strongly recommended you make wudhu at home to reduce risk of viral transmission within wudhu areas. Sanitiser and wipes will be made available for individuals to clean their wudhu space before and after use.
1 way system – the 1 way system within the masjid will be discontinued, with entry and exit points being the main doors opening to Anchorage Road.
Ventilation and amount of time spent within an enclosed space (the masjid)– it is advisable to minimise the time spent within spaces with limited ventilation. The main prayer halls do not have significant open-air ventilation, so attendees should consider praying sunnah and nafl prayers at home to reduce time spent within the masjid, however should someone wish to pray sunnah or nafl prayers in the masjid then they are able to.
Jummah salah volunteers – the number of volunteers at Jummah will now be significantly reduced. SCMA would like to once again put forward their appreciation and thanks for all the hard work and dedication of the brothers and sisters over the past year which has facilitated the continuation of regular jamaat salah at the masjid.
Track and trace – the masjid will hold track and trace registration books in the foyers for attendees to completeor use the  Sutton Muslims app.
Clinically vulnerable adults – clinically vulnerable adults are advised to review governmental guidelines and form their own decision regarding masjid attendance and managing risks related to COVID-19.
Lateral flow tests – lateral flow tests detect whether a person with no symptoms is infected with COVID-19. The test can be carried out by a person with results ready in 20 minutes. It is advisable that attendees of the Sutton Coldfield Masjid carry out regular lateral flow tests at their own convenience e.g. on Jummah. Those with positive test results should not attend the Masjid to avoid causing virus transmission to other masjid attendees. Lateral flow tests can be obtained from your local pharmacy / GP / government website. Lateral flow tests will be available at Sutton Coldfield Masjid soon.
Weekly classes and activities will be restarted at the Masjid
As the restrictions are lifted following the 19th July, it can be expected that transmission of COVID will significantly increase in the community.
1. Please be aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 delta variant, seek testing and isolate as per government advice, and do not attend the masjid, in order to protect others
* Headache
* Runny nose
* Sore throat
* Sneezing
* Dry cough
* Fever
2. If you have not had the vaccination already, please do consider receiving it.

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