Covid Guidelines reminder

28 Feb
            The Sutton Coldfield masjid management committee would like to kindly remind all attendees for salah to continue following the current protocol for masjid use during the pandemic. This will help to keep attendees safe, comply with the current governmental restrictions, and avoid reputational damage to the community and the masjid, especially in the lead up to Ramadhan. As a reminder, at every salah, please ensure:
1. you bring Mask, Musallah (prayer mat) and bag for your shoes. Do not leave the bag in the foyer
2. you use hand sanitizer
3. social distancing of at least 1 Metre with mask on at all times whilst on masjid premises
4. the masjid premises are left promptly after salah has been completed- please complete Sunnah prayer at home
5. No food is distributed within the masjid premises
6. guidance from the stewards, imam and caretakers to support the ordered logistics of salah is adhered to with adab and co-operation
We would like to take this opportunity to again express our deep gratitude to the volunteers who have sacrificed their efforts and time, without fail over the past year. This has allowed the masjid to remain open in a sustainable way, and so maintained the blessing of congregational salah for the community. Please make dua that Allah swt reward them abundantly, continue to protect the local community and masjid, and grant healing to our sisters and brothers who have been affected in this pandemic.

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