2nd Lockdown -Notice regarding suspension of all activities in Sutton Coldfield Masjid

04 Nov

Notice regarding suspension of all activities in Sutton Coldfield Masjid

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
          Assalamu Alaikum
The U.K. government has issued guidance on the 31st October that allows places of worship to only open for individual prayer (not congregational) from the 5th November 2020 for a second lockdown in England.
Masaajid across the country have been deliberating on the decision around opening for private prayer from this date, or once congregational prayer can take place. This rests on a fine balance between managing the specific risks around viral transmission (given that the nature of worship in masjid is communal) vs making masaajid accessible.
Sutton Coldfield Masjid has undertaken the difficult decision to suspend all prayer activity, both congregational and individual, during the second lockdown.
This means that prayer within the masjid will be temporarily suspended following Isha on Wednesday 4th November 2020.
This is a decision that was not taken lightly and has been done to prevent any further potential spread of the virus in the masjid and the UK at large, with the foremost being the protection of the elderly and vulnerable amongst our communities. We look to reopen the masjid for prayers in line with the Government decision which is currently set at Wednesday 2nd December 2020.
We ask everyone to pray salah at home and urge the community to heed governmental advice regarding social interactions and precautions to help reduce and contain the spread of the virus. This is an ethical and Islamic duty upon each and every one.
The Maktab for younger children will be moved online, and the Masjid Foodbank will continue to run, as this is allowed within the restrictions.
)قُْللَْنیُ ِصیبَنَا ِإ َّلا َما َكتَ َبا َّXُلَنَاھَُو َمْوَلانَاۚ َو َعلَىا َّXِفَْلیَتََو َّكِلاْلُمْؤِمنُوَن( التوبة:51
“Say, ‘Never will happen to us except what Allāh has decreed for us; He is our Protector.’ And upon Allah let the believers place their trust/reliance.” [9:51]
May Allah keep us all safe
We will keep you up-to-date with changes as and when they occur, in’sha Allah.

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