The Sutton & Erdington Muslim Welfare Association was established in the 1990’s, but remained dormant as an association until early 2000. The association was then reinstated with the Charity Commission with an annexed name as Sutton Coldfield Muslim Association (SCMA).

With the hard work and ongoing efforts of the respected elders of the community, a platform was created to bring together the Muslims of Sutton Coldfield. Prior to this, Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan and Eid events were arranged for Muslims across various spaces in Sutton Coldfield for several years, with there being no regular place of worship.

SCMA recognised that the Muslim community in Sutton Coldfield was growing and, in view of this, began actively looking for a suitable property from 2005. The Sutton Magistrate Courthouse was put up for sale in 2012 as part of the Government’s rationalisation of its owned properties as well as its relocation of the Court office to Birmingham. This was a landmark building, nestled between the Sutton Coldfield Police Station and the Fire Station on either side. As part of the local community, SCMA has already developed good relations with the local police, fire officers, councillors and the local MP – Andrew Mitchell.

It was quickly identified that these premises suited the ongoing requirements of the Muslim community, as it had nuermours large rooms both downstairs and upstairs. It was a category D1 property, which permitted gatherings on the premises, and had access to car parking facilities. On this basis, SCMA was very keen to purchase this property.

With the grace of Allah (SWT), funds for the building were raised from within the Sutton Muslim community within a period of six weeks – a remarkable achievement. The efforts to raise the cash were ably supported by Dr Hany El Banna (Islamic Relief) and Imam Ajmal Masroor (London) who both came to Sutton Coldfield to help raise the funds. All loans (Qarz e Hasna) were also returned to donors within two years – another remarkable feat.

Since the purchase in June 2012, alhumdulillah, regular prayers have been established in the mosque as well as Friday and Eid congregations. SCMA has built on this as ut continues to serve the social, cultural and religious needs of its members and local Muslim community in Sutton Coldfield.

According to the SCMA constitution (updated 2015), the working committee comprises of a group of trustees and elected office bearers including a chair and general secretary. The trustees are responsible for upholding the constitution, protecting the SCMA assets, working with the office bearers for setting the strategy, and overseeing the day to day operations of the mosque. Elections for office bearer posts are held on a bi-annual basis and trustees elected for 5 years.

Insha’Allah, SCMA is now building to the future with the extension and improvement of its current facilities as it look to continue to serve the local community to the best of our ability.