Working Committee

Shameer Pathan


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Dr Sagheer Rana

Vice Chair

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Syed Basha

General Secretary

Assalamu Alaikum.
I am extremely grateful to all of you for giving me this opportunity to serve the house of Allah. Insha Allah, I will try with my best efforts to work hard and fulfil this role, as a human if I make mistakes do bear with me and support me. You can reach me anytime at the email address -
I thank our outgoing secretary Dr Mehboob Mirza Saheb for all the excellent work he has carried out over the last few years for our community. I will strive to keep up the high standard he has set for me in fulfilling this role. Insha Allah.
Insha Allah, I will work with the current office bearers and community members to keep up the good work they are doing selflessly for our community. I hope and make Dua to Allah to give us all the ability to fulfill the aspirations of the people of our community for which I would require your continued support Insha Allah. Jazakallah Khair,

Yasir Jawed


I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and have prior experience of auditing charity accounts and financial statements. I have also had the privilege of serving at the mosque as a Treasurer for the past 4 years in which time we have achieved a lot as a mosque including;
• repayment of the Qard-e-Hasana that was required for the purchase of the Building and recent building works
• Reclaiming gift aid from HMRC for the last 5 years, worth £62,000
I am humbled that the community have trusted me with continuing in this position for the next 2 years.
My aims as a Treasurer for the forthcoming two years are:
• to ensure that the financial stability of the mosque is maintained and to increase the membership of the mosque
• to ensure there is transparency in what we do and the community is encouraged to enquire and challenge us in an appropriate manner
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Dr Ikram Ullah
Salim Akhtar
Zamir Hawa


Dr Nasir Awan MBE DL
Dr Sohail Quraishi
Dr Aqil Chaudary
Dr Shahid Nadeem
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