Suhel abu Obeda


I have extensive experience in leading and managing organisations and working in committees. In my voluntary capacity, I have been the Chair of Trustees for a Community Project in Aston for over 21 years and the Chair of Governors for a local school. Professionally, I chair Board meetings, I am a Chartered Engineer, working as a Consultant Engineer in Strategic Asset Management for a Multinational, within the UK and internationally.

My vision is to make SCMA all inclusive, serving all Muslims in the community with their religious and social needs. We should also actively work to enhance community cohesion and harmony taking every opportunity to promote Islam through positive actions and deeds and by being a good neighbour and working closely with other faiths.

Feel free to contact me regarding any matters in relation to the Sutton Coldfield Muslims Association via email. My email address is

Dr Mehboob Mirza

General Secretary

The General Secretary has the duty ensure smooth running of the association and in particular keep an accurate minute of the Working Committee meetings and ensure the minutes book is signed by those Working Committee and sub-committee Members attending the meeting, to maintain a register of the names and addresses of all Association Members, to keep the record of correspondence, dead-stock register and be responsible for, arrange the annual general meeting and any elections to take place, to produce the summary of works done during the year and works to be done in the coming year and to sign for all incoming/outgoing correspondence on behalf of the Association.

Feel free to contact me regarding all matters in relation to the Sutton Coldfield Muslims Association via email. My email address is

Yasir Jawed


I am a chartered accountant with a background in auditing as well as financial & management accounting. I have previously undertaken audits of not for profit organisations and therefore understand the regulatory environment.

My aim is to ensure that SCMA is financially stable to be able to carry out its activities and continue to be able to meet the growing demands of the growing congregation.

Feel free to contact me regarding any financial matters via email. My email address is




Nasir Awan MBE
Dr Sohail Quraishi
Dr Masoud Rashid
Rafiq Ahmed
Nafesa Moola
Sulaiman Simjee